Meijer Credit Card

The whole point of having the Meijer Credit Card is so that you will be able to save money on gasoline while doing some other things as well. The other things you may do with your Meijer Credit Card are being able to use monies gained to donate to charities you love and to use monies towards college tuition. There are also some other special perks that are said to be available for the Meijer Credit Card members that aren't available to regular patrons. As with every card, there are going to be a lot of complaints filed on the internet. Of course, whenever we are looking for a new card, even the Meijer Credit Card we are going to look at what others have to say about it as well. Sometimes the complaints are sensible, and sometimes the complaints of people don't really make sense. Either way, you can always take those things into account and make the decision on the Meijer Credit Card for yourself as to whether it meets your personal needs.

We will start by mentioning the complaints just to get those out of the way. There happen to be many people who have been complaining about customer service issues. Others are complaining about different things regarding the promos that are promised but they never received as well as difficulty resolving their issues. The last complaint we will mention is that people wanted to complain online because they used to be able to list more than one charity to donate to and now they are only allowed to choose just one. We only mentioned these things just to give you a picture of the types of things that are circulating regarding the Meijer Credit Card. We will choose not to get into what we think about each of the complaints filed because we really do like to remain on the neutral side. We would rather you are able to make your best decision without being influenced by things we have said negatively.


When you sign up for the Meijer Credit Card you will be given 10% off on your very first purchase of groceries, clothes, or merchandise with the Meijer Credit Card. No matter which card level you are on, you will still save five cents for each gallon that you purchase with your Meijer Credit Card. Most other gasoline cards offer upwards to twice this amount actually. You are able to select just one charity or organization you would like to make contributions to. We really love this touch to the Meijer Credit Card. We haven't seen any gasoline or rewards cards offering anything like this at all. Not that others don't exist, we just don't know about them yet. The charity or organization you choose will receive 1% of the amount of purchases you make with your Meijer Credit Card. There are so many actually great things that are really nice things if you are in love with a card that helps make you feel good about yourself as a person whenever you use it.

Just as there are always going to be a higher APR on merchandising cards, there of course is the same situation here with the Meijer Credit Card. There will be people who will complain about everything from the color of their card to the type of plastic used, so it's always best to use your own judgement whenever dealing with reading the complaints and even the praises of others.